About Us & Staff

SEM Student News is a biannual publication of the Society for Ethnomusicology, created and run by students. In cooperation with the SEM Student Union, we aim to voice current student issues and ideas, and to provide useful, relevant information for students conducting research on musicking. Most of all, we provide a forum for students to communicate with their peers and to address the challenges and opportunities that we face together.

Current Issue: Volume 13.2: Sound and Sensory Studies

Previous Issue: Volume 13.1: Ethnomusicology Now

Davin Vidigal Rosenberg, Editor, Design/Layout & Website
PhD Candidate, University of California, Davis
Email: semstudentnews@gmail.com

Eugenia Siegel Conte, Assistant Editor

PhD Student, University of California, Santa Barbara

Heather Strohschein, Copy Editor

PhD Candidate, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa

Katherine Morics, Incoming Copy Editor

PhD Student, University of California, Santa Barbara

Diego Pani, Media Editor

PhD Student, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Kevin Sliwoski, SEM Student Union Liaison/"Student Voices" Columnist

PhD Candidate, University of California, Riverside

Hannah Adamy, "Thoughts from the Field" Columnist

PhD Student, University of California, Davis

Maria Stankova, Contributor

PhD Candidate, New York University

Simran Singh, Contributor

PhD Candidate, Royal Holloway, University of London

Brendan Kibbee, Contributor

PhD Candidate, City University of New York

Jon Bullock, Contributor

PhD Student, University of Chicago

Brian Fairley, Contributor

PhD Student, New York University

Wangcaixuan (Rosa) Zhang, Researcher

PhD Student, University of Pittsburgh

Solmaz Shakerifard, Social Media Manager

PhD Student, University of Washington, Seattle