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Call for Submissions - 17.1, "Music & Faith"

This is the first call for submissions for the Spring/Summer 2021 issue of SEM Student News.  This new issue, vol. 17, no.1 , will focus on the theme of Music & Faith . While there are many resources that  explore the powerful and important interactions between music and religious practice, we seek to open up  this issue to expressions of faith and faith-based practice that occur both within and outside of religious  contexts, encompassing a broad field of belief, meditation/mindfulness, and ethics. Possible topics for sub- -missions include:   Music-making as a practice of embodied faith in self, other, shared community, philosophy,  or higher power Musical expressions of faith-fullness . Faith in structures, collaborators, mentors, and fields of study Faith in/trust of academia, students, and teaching strategies Defining and circumscribing musical expression in religious/faith-based practice Dynamics between faith communities and their music  Faithfulness in musical reproductio

PUBLICATION ANNOUNCEMENT - SEM Student News 16.2 "The Writing Issue"

  We are delighted to announce the publication of SEM Student News Volume 16, Number 2, "The Writing Issue." This issue showcases ideas and approaches to writing in scholarship and daily life lived in, and influenced by, the written word, sound, and/or music. You can read the issue here and join the conversation on our Facebook page . Including articles that run the gamut from practical writing advice to philosophical contextualization to poetic construction and experimental autoethnography, we hope that there is something that will spark your interest in this issue, which also includes remarkable responses to their own past works by three established ethnomusicologists, Dr. Deborah Wong, Dr. Julianne Graper, and Dr. Tomie Hahn. I am absolutely staggered by the level of creativity and collaboration that has built up this issue, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together! With best wishes, -ESC Eugenia Siegel Conte Editor,  SE