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Call for Submissions - 16.2 "The Writing Issue"

This is the first call for submissions for the Fall/Winter 2021 issue of SEM Student News. This new issue, vol. 16, no.2, “The Writing Issue,” and we are soliciting work that engages writing as both a practice and as a concept. As students, we are exposed to writing about music and musicians, and encouraged to write about our own thoughts, interpretations, and experiences with music and culture. However, writing is not simply “one thing,” but instead it is a complicated nexus of our emotions, stories, observations, and perspectives in which we try to make sense of ourselves and our work. In this sense of openness and individuality, we will accept submissions pertaining to—but not limited to—the following criteria: Decolonizing practices in and through writing Writing outside of the academy (blogging, journalism, literature, etc.) Applied ethnomusicology through writing projects Submissions in the form of poetry, short stories, journal entries, etc. Technical/strategic approaches to wr