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FINAL Call for Submissions - 15.1 "Music & Affect"

Dear Colleagues, This is the FINAL call for submissions for the Fall/Winter 2019 issue of SEM Student News. This new issue, vol. 15, no.2, will focus on the theme of Music & Affect with attention to intersections between affect, embodiment, political engagement, and/or mindfulness and meditation in musical or sonic practices. We are seeking article submissions on any topic but will give preference to those that fit within our theme’s area of discussion. Likewise, we will consider submissions from both students and working scholars alike. We particularly seek contributions to our "Dear SEM" column from professional academics and practitioners (see below for more details). We encourage authors to submit pieces in a variety of media. Submissions may be written, photographic, or multimedia (written with visual, audio, and/or video components). We particularly solicit audio/visual contributions to correspond with the theme for this issue. We are currently accepting